How manufacturers using Microsoft Dynamics NAV can gain better visibility, greater control, and higher profitability with embedded document management

Whether it’s material safety data sheets (MSDS), certificates of analysis (COA), standard operating procedures (SOP), or quality control/assurance (QC/QA) documents, every step in the manufacturing process is made more painful because of the challenges related to managing paper documents.

How the world’s best AP department managers decrease month-end close time and improve cash flow management with Microsoft Dynamics

In a perfect fantasy world for AP managers, every purchase would have a PO, every PO would be accurate and every invoice would magically appear in your Dynamics database.

In the real world, none of that is going to happen. Nevertheless, top performing AP managers are making great strides in managing cash flow and easing month-end closing with a powerful, embedded document management add-on for their Microsoft Dynamics systems.

How to make better executive decisions with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent business application, but the intelligence you get out of it about your business is only as good - and as complete - as the data put into it. Just as with any other ERP, your information must be in (or accessible from) the Dynamics database.

Webinar: Getting started with automated document and data capture technologies for Microsoft Dynamics

Organizations often start with a management directive to become “paperless” or at least to become less reliant on paper and paper-based processes. But once your organization has made this strategic decision, how do you get started making it happen? How does an organization determine which technologies to apply when automating document and data capture? Should it utilize existing infrastructure? Redesign its processes? Buy new software and hardware?

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