Jobs Module Use Case

The demonstrated use case is an example of how a company could keep track of receipts and other documented expenses related to a Job in NAV such that the entire process is efficient and self-contained with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including the ability to view and attach documents at any step in the process. A few highlights of the sequence of this sample use case demo include

Purchase Invoice

- Expenses entered as a Purchase Invoice with line level attachments of supporting documentation
- Automatic filing based on where the user is within NAV
- Automatically named (documents and folders) based on data entered in NAV
- Configured to prevent posting if a document is not attached to each line of the Purchase Invoice


- Once the Purchase Invoice is posted, the documents are visible from Job Ledger Entries and the Job Planning Lines
- Can attach a document to a Job Planning Line (even though Purchase Invoice has been posted), and it will be visible on the Posted Purchase Invoice record with the previously attached documents

Sales Invoices

- Create Sales Invoice from these three expense lines that bring documents along
- Post Sales Invoice and documents come along
- Automatically generate PDF of sales invoice
- Automatically send (demonstrated manually so you can see the steps) PDF of sales invoice along with all of its supporting documentation