Embedded document imaging and workflow for the Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV platforms

The Datahaven for Dynamics solutions offer complete solutions for document scanning and workflow embedded directly into the Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV platforms.


Datahaven for Dynamics enables customers to transform Microsoft Dynamics from a data-centric application into an end-to-end solution that provides users with immediate, secure access to all documents and emails related to any account, transaction, or series of transactions. Most importantly, Datahaven for Dynamics delivers from directly within the Microsoft Dynamics screens they already know

Leverages the universal familiarity of the Microsoft Outlook interface


Best of all, with Datahaven for Dynamics, you can do it all from directly within Outlook itself. This means that Datahaven leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics and the simplicity and familiarity of Outlook to produce customizable, compelling, and cost-effective solutions for the entire spectrum of Dynamics organizations—from the smallest to the largest and from the lowest volume and complexity to the highest volume and complexity—and to Dynamics and non-Dynamics users alike within these organizations.

Provides automated data capture (OCR, ICR, OMR) to drive data entry efficiencies for high volume organizations


The Datahaven Extensions for OCR Data Extraction offer a highly-automated forms processing solution that scans, classifies, recognizes, validates, verifies, and exports document images and related metadata to the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Driven by a powerful OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character (handwriting) recognition), and OMR (optical mark recognition) engine and a library of configurable rules that find, extract, and validate data on nearly any type of document, the Datahaven automated data extraction capabilitites can dramatically increase your organization’s data entry efficiency.