Datahaven for Dynamics NAV

Embedded document imaging and workflow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Outlook platforms

Datahaven for Dynamics NAV offers the most innovative, compelling document management for any organization using Microsoft Dynamics NAV—from lower volume organizations with as few as a handful of NAV users up to the highest volume, most complex, multi-national organization with millions of annual transactions and hundreds of NAV users.

To accomplish this, we offer Datahaven for Dynamics NAV in three core editions—Archive Essentials, Workflow Essentials, and Workflow Professional—and several extensions that enhance its capabilities and broaden its intuitive user experience to anyone in your organization that works with paper and email.

Core Editions

With the core editions of the Datahaven for Dynamics NAV solution, users can drag-and-drop, scan with digital copiers, and import any type of document, email, or other file into an electronic, document-centric workflow and into context-sensitive, security-controlled folder structures associated with any Dynamics record. Even Archive Essentials users can submit documents and emails into an electronic, document-centric workflow that Workflow Essentials or Workflow Professional users can code, route, and approve these documents and emails through their entire transaction lifecycle.

Archive Essentials

Capture (drag-and-drop) and view any document, email, or other kind of file instantly within the context of any Dynamics NAV record (baseline functionality)

Workflow Essentials

Scan with digital copiers and enter metadata using electronic documents—instead of paper—and email and route and approve them electronically throughout the organization with user-driven document automation (includes Archive Essentials functionality)

Workflow Professional

Route and approve documents and email programmatically using rules-driven document automation that allow an organization to apply its custom business rules to maximize document efficiencies (includes Workflow Essentials functionality)


Outlook Integration Extensions

Datahaven’s one-of-a-kind integration with Outlook enables everyone in your organization to use the familiar Outlook interface—even those who do not use Dynamics—to drag-and-drop, view, route, code, and approve documents and email.

Outlook Search & Submit

Search for documents from directly within Outlook as well as drag-and-drop emails into a folder associated with a NAV record and (if others are licensed for Datahaven Workflow), drag-and drop emails into workflow queues for other users to process (included with each core edition and available separately for non-NAV users)

Outlook Workflow

Enter NAV metadata (e.g., G/L codes) and route and approve documents with user-driven and/or rules-driven document automation (includes Outlook Search & Submit) (included with Workflow Essentials & Workflow Professional editions and available separately for non-NAV users)


Advanced Capture Extensions

When digital copiers and keying data from electronic documents are not enough, Datahaven for Dynamics offers powerful, enterprise-class capture extensions that will enable your organization to process up to 1,000 documents per day per full-time resource.

Scanning Extensions

Ad hoc scanning of individual documents or batches of documents directly into the Datahaven folder structure as well as batch scanning with document separation into document-centric workflow queues

OCR Extensions

Automated data extraction using OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character (handwriting) recognition), and OMR (optical mark recognition) to classify and recognize data on any type of document

Other Capture Extensions

Examples include driving automation with a range of barcode formats, multiple barcodes per page/document and capturing inbound fax transmissions into document-centric workflow queues managed by Datahaven