OCR for Microsoft D365 Business Central, D365 Finance and Operations, and Dynamics NAV. Datahaven allows you to capture, index, and retain important

documents, emails, faxes and more...

Smart Extraction

We import the extracted data directly into a Dynamics record.​

Automated Classification

No more extra work to classify and separate documents.

Avoid per click charges and don't worry about the volume of transactions.

No Per Transaction Fees

Datahaven and its advanced OCR features enable us to process over 250,000 documents each month with fewer than five FTEs while cutting document cycle times by half.

~ David Bailey, Controller, Exel Logistics (a subsidiary of Deutsche Post)

The Datahaven OCR engine replaces front-end manual data entry with automated data entry. 

A verify user simply validates or corrects what the OCR engine extracted, and the extracted data is imported directly into a Microsoft Dynamics record. However, unlike other OCR engines on the market, the Datahaven OCR engine isn’t just a data entry tool for vendor invoices.​

Automated Document Classification and Separation

Datahaven eliminates barcodes and manual pre-scan sorting with its automatic classification engine. For example, you can drop invoices and proofs of delivery in the scanner at the same time and have their data automatically extracted. There is no extra work needed to sort things prior to scanning.                                   


See All Related Documents to Make Better Decisions 

Unlike competitors who use external connectors that are disconnected from the context of Dynamics transactions, the Datahaven OCR recognizes duplicate information before it ever gets into Microsoft Dynamics.

Users have access to the full context of the Dynamics transaction as we have embedded the Datahaven OCR engine into Dynamics ​

For example, the OCR interface allows you to post an invoice and see all related documents so you can use visual cues to match invoices to the right documents for faster processing and better accuracy.

The Datahaven OCR engine allows you to create/post Dynamics records based on extracted data from any kind of document. Whether from a fax, email, a scanned document or digital copier, OCR technology will extract header and line item detail and automatically create Dynamics records.

Automated Extraction from Any Document Type

Relax. No More Per Transaction Fees

The Datahaven OCR solution doesn’t charge you per document. Avoid per click and per page charges and don't worry about your transaction volume.


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