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Datahaven 365 AI

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Ever struggled with an overwhelming avalanche of documents—papers, PDFs, spreadsheets—and thought, "There has to be a better way!"? Meet Datahaven 365 AI, your new digital superhero. We don't just "read" text; we revolutionize how you manage and access information.

OCR vs IDP: What's the Difference?

Think of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as the chisel and hammer of ancient sculptors. Functional but rudimentary. It turns text into a digital form. 

Now, imagine IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) as the 3D printer for the modern artist—versatile, intelligent, and highly efficient. IDP employs the power of Artificial Intelligence to not just 'read' but 'understand' your documents, extracting information with unmatched precision. 

Through artificial intelligence, Intelligent Document Processing can eliminate the need for manual data entry and processing workers. This solution increases the speed at which you can process data and decreases the cost of doing so, reducing human error for greater efficiency.

What Makes Datahaven 365 AI Special?

We take intelligent document processing to a whole new level! Datahaven 365 AI is workflow automation technology that scans, reads, extracts, categorizes, and organizes meaningful information into accessible formats from large data streams, all while requiring zero human input. 

Plus, our patented folder structure ensures seamless multi-departmental access to your data.

The BENEFITS are Crystal Clear

Continue to build your case by solidifying attainable goals that are aligned with business strategy. Document high-level requirements so that these requirements can be used to evaluate document management systems and shape the future-state system towards best practices and a better organization.   

Embedded: Datahaven 365 AI is integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, meaning your data is just a click away within the environment you use daily.​​

Time Savings: Our integrated FactBox provides users access to all supporting files stored against the purchase transaction and Vendor card. This link eliminates the need to leave the processing page to view copies of the original PO, Vendor Acknowledgements, Contracts, etc., saving you from the time-draining quest of toggling between pages.

No Templates, No Problem: Forget the headache of creating templates for every vendor invoice. Datahaven 365 AI uses Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to accelerate your ROI by allowing users to start processing invoices immediately.

Constantly Learning: Our intelligent technologies are relentlessly evolving, achieving peak accuracy and consistency.

Outsmarts OCR: We don't mean to brag, but Datahaven 365 AI is 20% more accurate in predicting fields compared to OCR.

Document Intensive AI: Beyond just AP, we support a variety of documents, not just the vendor invoice.

Configurable: Datahaven 365 AI has everything most companies need to process invoices out of the box. Still, we know every organization is different, and Datahaven 365 AI can extract the information that matters most to you.

Join the Revolution!

Say goodbye to manual data entry, the risk of human error, and the high costs associated with outdated document processing. 

Choose Datahaven 365 AI for faster, smarter, and more cost-effective operations.

Need Help?

Let's discuss how to meet your biggest challenges.

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