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  • Does Datahaven work in the NAV web client?
    Yes, there is a Datahaven web-based FactBox that displays within the NAV 2016, 2017, 2018 web clients. Additional features are being added all the time.
  • Does Datahaven support consumer and production scanners?
    Yes, TWAIN-based consumer scanners and TWAIN/ISI production scanners are supported.
  • Can Datahaven import documents from copiers, fax machines, and email systems?"
    Yes, Datahaven’s inbound manager server application can be configured to import documents from copiers, fax servers, email systems (Exchange, IMAP).
  • Can Datahaven capture and send NAV documents, like Purchase Orders and Sales Orders?"
    Yes, Datahaven can automatically capture any NAV reports/transaction types including PO and SO NAV documents, customer statements, etc.
  • Can Datahaven scan barcodes and automatically file documents based on the barcode values, like a PO or an SO?"
    Yes, Datahaven can read barcodes and use the read data to lookup unposted and posted NAV document numbers and automatically file the documents against the transaction and within Datahaven/NAV.
  • Where are the images stored?
    Inside a separate Datahaven SQL database outside of the NAV SQL database. This helps with performance and security.
  • Is this a hosted solution?
    No, but the Datahaven software and database can be hosted on Azure servers or in independent data centers.
  • Does Datahaven work in Classic Client, in 2018?"
    Yes, Datahaven works in NAV versions from Classic Client versions that support SQL, to the latest 2018 versions.
  • How long to project typically take from start to go live?
    Typically 3 calendar months, with month 1 being used for install and initial analysis, month 2 being configuration and user acceptance testing, and month 3 being training and go live prep. Project times and effort can vary depending on many factors such as document volume, whether or not there is an existing imaging system in place.
  • Do my company’s policies and procedure need to be updated to accommodate the new document management system?
    Yes, your company’s policies and procedures should be updated to reflect the new electronic storage system for business records associated to NAV transactions. Typically there can be a transition period while the system is being adopted, and then the new P and P can be finalized
  • Where can I go to learn more about document management in general? is the industry’s standards and training organization.
  • When can I throw away paper that’s been scanned and emails that have been imported?
    When the project first starts, the general recommendations are to continue keeping the paper until all new P and P have been finalized and adopted, and then the P&P can be followed. The P and P will outline specific retention and disposition for each type of document including transitory documents that will eventually be discarded. Once documents are in Datahaven, the original paper and emails are now the transitory copies of convenience and can/should be discarded per the P and P. Typically, an audit process will be implemented and then after successful ongoing and periodic audits, the paper and original emails can be discarded.



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