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The only Microsoft Dynamics document management solution

with smart technology to ensure data consistency. Works with Microsoft D365 Business Central, D365 Finance and Operations, and Dynamics NAV.

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Smart Technology  

Drastically reduce manual data entry and human error by creating folders “on-the-fly" using data in Dynamics.

Displays All Related Documents to You - Even Those You Can't Normally See in Dynamics.

Full Visibility

Archive Essentials from Datahaven is a people-friendly Document Management solution that will allow your entire organization to be more efficient and productive. It works for companies that operate on Microsoft D365 Business Central, D365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics NAV.

If you would benefit from reducing the chaos of a paper-driven business, Archive Essentials can help you to manage the deluge of documents, emails, and other electronic files that impedes efficiency and reduces profitability.

Want to know how much ROI you can expect

by going paperless with Datahaven?

Consistency When Naming, Filing and Organizing Folders.

Datahaven has an intuitive design based on the common sense folder structure of Windows Explorer and enhances this familiar interface to provide the only product on the market with the flexibility to deliver:

  • Smart technology that drastically reduces manual data entry and the possibility of human error by creating folders “on-the-fly" using data in Dynamics.

  • Folder displays that automatically change based on different criteria such as context and user role, so it is more relevant to your people.

Naming Consistency

Datahaven Ensures Data Accuracy While Making Everyone’s Job Easier.

Automated naming and filing removes inconsistency, reduces errors, and makes everything easier to find. Datahaven helps enforce corporate naming and filing policies in a subtle way. By automating document naming and filing tasks and taking these tasks out of the hands of end-users, Datahaven ensures consistent results every time.

Datahaven is the only product on the market that enforces data policies and controls without making your information workers' job more difficult and time-consuming.   

Ensure Data

"Removing the document naming chore from our employees' hands led to more reliable data and better reporting. We like to think of Datahaven for Dynamics as the “Gentle Enforcer” for our company."

~ Rebecca Glaser

Display Related

Datahaven Displays All Related Documents to You—Even Those You Can't Normally See in Dynamics.

As a transaction moves through its lifecycle, different documents become relevant, and some transaction records merge into other transaction records. For example, in the Quote-to-Order-to-Invoice process in Dynamics, the Quote record in Dynamics normally goes away after converting it to a Sales Order, Datahaven can keep an archived PDF of the record for reference and make it available from the Sales Order, Sales Invoice, and any other Dynamics record.

Once our patented Deep Data Linking technology determines where the document fits into the Dynamics transaction lifecycle, we know what related transactions need to display with the document. We store one copy of the document that can be displayed anywhere in Dynamics based on the user’s role and the user's activity.

Your Users Will Swear Datahaven Can Read Their Minds.

Although other document management systems allow users to search for documents, there is a difference between searching and finding. Searching for documents requires effort and is subject to human error. Finding documents is having those documents displayed automatically with what you want to see with no effort.

Our Deep Data Linking and Virtual Folders technology enable Datahaven to immediately display a folder structure with every document related to a Dynamics transaction (and even documents that were added to other related Dynamics transactions) that a user is authorized to see without requiring the user to spend the time navigating to related records and searching for documents that might have been added to a related transaction. Datahaven is so smart and so efficient that your users will swear that Datahaven is reading their minds.

We were delighted that we could see archived quotes as well as the resulting invoice in Dynamics. Datahaven for Dynamics allowed us to see the whole transaction lifecycle which makes us more knowledgeable and more productive.

~Luanne Ruddy

Director - Operations & Integrated Business Planning ,Commercial Aviation

Rock-Solid Security to Protect Your Documents.

Everything in Datahaven is context sensitive and role dependent. Each user will only see the documents related to each transaction that they are permitted to see.

For example, multiple users may be able to access a customer record but, depending on their role, one can see banking or credit-related documents while the other cannot. Other users may be able to see those documents, but would not be able to see sensitive portions of the documents that have been redacted (e.g., credit card numbers).  

Datahaven for Dynamics magically displays only what an employee is permitted to see according to our security matrix. This protects our customer's information and avoids disclosure of sensitive information that could create internal conflicts or violate our obligations under Sarbanes-Oxley."

~Luanne Ruddy, Director, Operations & Integrated Business Planning - Commercial Aviation

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