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Displays2Go uses Datahaven to increase efficiency by 40% and reduce costs by 95%

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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Displays2Go offers a range of marketing and trade show display products, most of which are maintained in inventory and ship the same day. Since its founding in 1974, the company has grown into a global presence. Today, as a subsidiary of the German office equipment company TAKKT AG (ETR: TTK), Displays2Go ships more than 2,000 packages per day from their warehouse in Massachusetts.

The company relies on Microsoft Dynamics and Datahaven for Dynamics to maintain its rigorous approach to financial reporting and accounting controls and to streamline the transaction lifecycle regardless of how a transaction originates or its format. The result has been a dramatic improvement in processing efficiency, transaction visibility, and corporate sustainability.


Datahaven works seamlessly with Dynamics to enable Displays2Go to achieve best-in-class results. Datahaven enables advanced AP Automation for Displays2Go by using its sophisticated OCR and workflow. Datahaven OCR performs vendor identification, 3-way matching for Purchase Order invoices, invoice creation for expense invoices, and auto-posting for matched invoices. Datahaven also saves time with a unique feature for handling invoices whose receipts have not been posted. These invoices go through OCR and are held in a workflow queue until their receipts are posted, saving AP staff time by automating a typically manual receipts review process. All of this adds up to increased efficiency and time savings for the AP team.


Although the vast majority of orders are generated by more than two dozen web properties operated by Displays2Go, the company also receives orders via mail and email. Before implementing Datahaven, to initiate order fulfillment, Displays2Go required that paper order forms be circulated physically or emailed electronically to multiple people in the organization. As a result, nobody knew the true status of any given order without circulating more emails or making phone calls.

With Datahaven, Displays2Go has eliminated its paper and email order processing that required manual re-entry of orders received and consolidated its order processing (whether initiated on a web site, in an email, or otherwise). More specifically, Datahaven enables Displays2Go to

  • funnel all order sources through a central entry point

  • extract order data programmatically using advanced OCR technology

  • feed this extracted order data (and any supporting documentation such as a scanned document, an email, or email attachment) directly into its related record in Dynamics

  • initiate automated workflows based on pre-defined criteria that dramatically streamline the order-to-cash process


“By eliminating differing processes that applied to physical paper vs. email vs. web orders, we’re more efficient in the way we process orders and invoices. That gets products out the door faster and speeds up cash flow.”

Erol Fikri, Director of Supply Chain Logistics

The result is that the order-to-ship cycle type has been reduced by 40 percent.


Centralizing all financial and purchasing transactions in Dynamics along with their supporting documents, spreadsheets, and emails accelerates closing cycles and audit procedures and enables a comprehensive view of the entire transaction lifecycle. Datahaven has an intuitive design based on the common sense folder structure of Windows Explorer and enhances this familiar interface to provide the only product on the market with the flexibility to deliver smart technology that drastically reduces manual data entry and the possibility of human error by creating virtual folder structures “on-the-fly" that use live Dynamics data and automatically change based on different criteria such as context and user role, so it is more relevant to your people.


"Having a ‘single source of truth’ for all information about a transaction is a huge advantage. We’re no longer relying on so many disparate systems. Everyone in the company has a consistent user interface that gives them access to the same data alongside the same documents, emails, and other electronic files. That’s one of the biggest benefits."

Erol Fikri, Director of Supply Chain Logistics



To top it all off, implementing Datahaven for Dynamics also has enabled Displays2Go to achieve its corporate sustainability goals. Displays2Go has transformed itself from a company that relied heavily on paperwork to manage and coordinate workflow processes to one that now utilizes hardly any paper at all.

"We used to spend roughly $45,000 every year on paper and toner. Those expenses have decreased more than 95%."

Erol Fikri, Director of Supply Chain Logistics



Datahaven leverages a patented combination of Deep Data Linking™ technology and dynamic, virtual folders to provide instant access to organized, contextual views of every relevant document needed to make business decisions. We have embedded these patented folder structures throughout Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement, Finance & Operations, and Business Central—not to mention Microsoft Outlook and the Power Platform—and added hundreds of advanced document automation features ranging from scanning and OCR to workflow routing and approval. From procure-to-pay with advanced AP automation to order-to-cash and other needs of your ERP users, to sales, project service, field service, and other needs of your CRM users—or the ability to manage documents across both platforms, Datahaven offers unique, document management solutions for everything your organization manages with Microsoft Dynamics.


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