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Document scanners - should you buy new or used?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Scanner manufacturers price their warranties based on new or used equipment. Buying a new scanner If you buy a new production/business scanner, it typically comes with 3 months to a year of support.  Support covers parts, labor, travel, shipping. Buying a used scanner If you buy a used scanner there is no warranty or support, so you have to buy a support contract – either from the manufacturer or a 3 party.  This support cost is higher because it’s typically post-warranty (the scanner is older than 1 year). 

The used scanner should be tested to make sure it works when you buy it, but the support contract is needed for the expensive scanner parts, like the scanner’s camera and the scanner’s circuit boards, and that needs to be covered or you will have an expensive paperweight if it breaks without a contract. The consumables are cheap can buy and replace them – consumables are not typically covered in a support contract, and if they are, they are typically priced higher than what you could buy them yourself. See the attached PDF for sample support contract costs for a new scanner.

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