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Does Your Organization’s Productivity Have the Sniffles, or Could It Be the Flu?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

It’s that time of year to look at a cure for what ails productivity at your organization.

One of the most common challenges for a growing company is how best to create an environment that boosts the quality of its products and services while keeping its expenses low. You intuitively know that you need better technology to improve productivity. But what kind of technology can deliver substantial value quickly?

Your organization incurs a cost every time someone views, touches, files, or searches for (whether they find what they’re looking for or not!) a document or an email. IDC studies have concluded that the average information worker spends more than 26 hours every week filing, organizing, managing approvals, entering data, and searching for documents and email. So it only stands to reason that reducing the waste inherent in these processes will have a quick and substantial return on your investment.

It isn’t practical—economically or otherwise—to try to “make” or “motivate” your employees to work faster. The better approach entails giving them the automation tools they need to reduce their mundane, low value, and error-prone tasks and allow them to focus this time on higher value tasks. Implementing a comprehensive document automation and workflow solution can accomplish this by streamlining the process of filing, organizing, processing, and finding the transactional documents and emails that keep your business running.

Let’s look at some recommended steps to getting your organization on the path to paperless by implementing document management, workflow, and OCR technologies. Take action now to gain productivity in 2019.

  1. Enable anyone to capture and store all business documents in electronic format from anywhere in the organization to ensure all documents types are accessible - whether from a fax, email, a scanned document, or digital copier.

  2. Organize these documents, emails, and other electronic files into pre-defined folder structures for quick retrieval.

  3. Use OCR technology for automated data entry to reduce the time it takes (and the errors a manual data entry process creates) to enter the data required to create a record and enable quick decision-making.

  4. Evaluate a solution that is embedded in your ERP, CRM, and email systems so that everyone has instant access to all related documents from within the interfaces they already use every day.

  5. Automate your business rules for consistent results, reliable reports, and less oversight. Look for a workflow solution that is flexible enough to handle complex processes as you grow.

  6. Allow non-ERP users, and remote workers access to the same information and the same workflows so they can review, route, and approve or reject the documents.

Most companies can start on a paperless path in the one or two departments that experience the most pain from manual processes. Once you do this, though, don’t stop. Your entire organization can benefit from a connected, comprehensive document automation solution that facilitates better relationships with your customers and suppliers by enabling everyone to know more and answer questions rapidly because they have all the emails, documents, and files at their fingertips and in the full context of all of their related transactions.

In your year-end planning activities, solve one of the biggest headaches for most organizations by investing in a document management and workflow solution.

Please comment below - What challenges do you face keeping track of and finding the deluge of documents, emails, and files that pour into your organization every day?

ABOUT Torrential Data Solutions: For over 20 years, Torrential Data Solutions has brought order to the often chaotic, cluttered, and inefficient environments found in a wide variety of industries, including distribution, transportation, retail, insurance, non-profit, services, and manufacturing as well as the public sector. ​

Our patented Datahaven solutions provide a paperless path with powerful, easy-to-use scanning, OCR, and workflow features embedded directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Dynamics NAV.


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