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Webinar: Getting started with automated document & data capture technologies for Microsoft Dynamics

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Organizations often start with a management directive to become “paperless” or at least to become less reliant on paper and paper-based processes. But once your organization has made this strategic decision, how do you get started making it happen?

How does an organization determine which technologies to apply when automating document and data capture? Should it utilize existing infrastructure? Redesign its processes? Buy new software and hardware?

Watch this interactive webinar we hosted with MSDynamicsworld website to learn more about the available technologies for "going paperless" and how each of these technologies might apply to your organization's needs.  

We cover the full spectrum of inbound capture technologies, including scanning, faxing, barcoding, emailing, FTP, OCR, EDI, and portals - all while taking your questions and helping you to understand the best options for your organization now and into the future.

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