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The next level of automation. Automatically route and approve documents, emails, and other electronic files to the people who need to act on them.

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Smart Queue Technology

Datahaven’s SmartQueue let’s many people work on the same work list without conflicts.

Automated Routing

Drive document-centric workflows, including routing, approval, and exception handling.

Embedded in Dynamics

Seamless integration provides an immersive user experience that delivers advanced functionality in a familiar user interface.

Datahaven is one kick-ass solution.
Jim Bentley, VP Business Development, Greenleaf Compaction

For High Transaction volumes, eliminate the cherry picking.

Take advantage of Datahaven’s SmartQueue technology.

You decide how many people can work on the same work list without conflicts.

If there are 100 documents in a queue, don't leave it up to an individual to decide what document to process next. Present users with the next available document to work on based on predefined criteria.


Don't let your workers decide to work on something easy vs. something harder. If you have an urgent invoice, make sure it is processed first.  

As your organization grows, complex processes may become difficult to manage. Automating your business rules means consistent results, reliable reports, and less oversight. If you want to make sure your document and routing and approval procedures are followed, Workflow Professional is the answer.

Workflow Professional is powered by a fully-configurable workflow engine. It works for companies that operate on Microsoft D365 Business Central, D365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics NAV.

Cherry Picking

Reduce human error, manual processing, and inconsistent

decisions by automating your business rules.

By implementing Workflow Professional, users can route and approve documents, email, and other electronic files through a document-centric workflow process (e.g., requiring a second level of approval when the amount of an invoice exceeds a predefined amount). If you’re a controller, you’ll particularly enjoy the reduced number of journal entries and the consistency that Datahaven subtly enforces with users.

Reduce Error

Automated routing rules will reduce human error, manual processing,

and inconsistent decisions.

Become more efficient with user-driven or rules-driven workflow routing and approval of documents, email, and other electronic files through a document-centric workflow process.

Workflow Professional allows you to apply exception-based handling so that your workforce uses their time more efficiently. You can enforce conditional business rules that are a combination of document-centric rules and native Dynamics functionality. For example, Datahaven can enable you to:

  • Block the release of a new vendor record until all of the vendor’s tax forms have been received

  • Block posting of an invoice if the required supporting documentation is not there

  • Stop a manufacturing process until a quality report is received.

Enforce Rules

Take advantage of document automation technology embedded

into your Dynamics environment.

Workflow Professional is seamlessly embedded into the Microsoft Dynamics user interface. This makes a big difference in accessibility and user adoption.


Competitors who approach their Dynamics integration by relying on outside connectors require additional work-effort, additional user interfaces, and ongoing data synchronization.


Datahaven is embedded, so our integration is already complete with user interfaces that are familiar to your workforce. No on-going efforts are needed to keep your documents and Dynamics data synchronized.

Document Automation

Enjoy multiple options to address compliance and efficiency.

Workflow Professional is flexible and robust. The rules for routing and approval can be defined in a variety of ways, including rules that are tied to Microsoft Dynamics data as well as document data such as the date the document was added to the system.


For example, routing can be defined by the amount or date of the invoice, the date the document was added to the system, and/or how long the document has been sitting in a workflow queue.


For companies with compliance requirements, Datahaven can apply an organization’s Delegation of Authority matrix.  Datahaven also supports Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) principles such as segregation of duties.


For example, Datahaven can require that the user who attaches a document to a journal entry cannot also post that journal entry.

Address Compliance

Complete visibility of source documents as you enter new records.

Create a new Microsoft Dynamics record with Datahaven by entering data directly from a scanned document, email, or other electronic file that is displayed side-by-side with the new transaction.


Gain visibility that isn't possible when you have stacks of paper on different people's desks. When your documents are electronic, everyone with permission can view a document in workflow and act upon it without asking for copies or a history of the document.


  • Consolidate your view of the document workload across the company.

  • Allocate resources immediately where you need them to alleviate bottlenecks.

  • It's easy to approve or reject requests when you can view all the relevant documents.

Complete Visibilitiy

Everyone has access to everything needed to do his or her job

and always knows what to do next.

With Datahaven™ for Dynamics, your users will always process the next important task without guessing what needs to be done.


For your remote workers who are not tethered to their desks, give them all the data—and the documents, emails, and other electronic files—they need so they can do their job better.


The promise of a distributed workforce is realized with Datahaven™ because remote workers have complete information that includes both structured and unstructured content.

All Access

True collaboration doesn't depend on a specific employee

who might be absent.

Workflow Professional is not just a function of a person but a functional process where multiple people can access the functional workflow queue.


It’s perfect for processing high transactional counts rapidly to allow you to gain maximum efficiency through automation.


Workflow Professional does not limit you by using predefined workflow templates. The queues are named based on the particular processes for your company.


For example, PO-based invoices might be routed and handled differently than non-PO invoices based on specific criteria.

True Collaboration
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