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U.S. Patent No.:  9,046,993

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Dynamic Virtual Folders

Dramatically more powerful than a Windows Explorer folder structure, Datahaven’s dynamic virtual folders render searching obsolete by programmatically naming and filing content in a click or two and enable rapid navigation between  related records, even if they are in different applications

Deep Data Linking

Once Datahaven links a document or other electronic file to a record in your business application, Datahaven programmatically discovers all of the other records that relate to it. Add an email to an invoice record, Datahaven auto-links the email to (and makes it visible from) the related quote, order, item, and lot records just to name a few.

Patented technologies that produce dramatic results

The Datahaven 365 products and solutions leverage the benefits of a patented combination of the virtual folder structures and Deep Data Linking™ technology to provide instant access to organized, contextual views of every relevant document, email, and other electronic file required to make business decisions. 

Virtual folders

Dynamic, virtual folder structures embedded
in familiar business applications display
context-sensitive content organized
in an intuitive interface

atented, virtual folder structures icon

We have embedded these patented, virtual folder structures throughout multiple Microsoft applications and platforms, including Business Central, CRM, Finance & Operations, the Power Platform, and Teams.

Don’t let the familiar look-and-feel of a parent-child folder structure fool you into thinking the Datahaven folder structures are simple or limited in functionality.

Much more than a simple Windows Explorer folder structure

Although the Datahaven virtual folder structures have the familiar look-and-feel of Windows Explorer folder structures, they are dramatically more powerful. 

Datahaven’s dynamic virtual folders programmatically name and file content in a click or two and enable rapid navigation between related records.

As long as a data relationship exists between two or more Dynamics records (no matter how distant that relationship might be), Datahaven can represent this relationship and organize and display all of the documents, email, and other electronic files related to these records in a virtual folder structure. 

Datahaven’s virtual folder structures make searching for this content obsolete because it is displayed on every record where it is relevant—even on related records in other applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Customer Engagement, Finance & Operations, Teams, and Power Apps.